You need not be a hero to accomplish great things – you can be a regular guy, sufficiently motivated to reach your goals. ”

The words are Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest. His words go through all that we do. We are three ordinary guys, with a penchant for adventure, challenges – and a desire to contribute to a better world.
The idea of ​​a jungle expedition was born during our last expedition Cape to Cape (2010/2011) and was built on in the two years after we had returned home to Sweden. Madagascar was an obvious choice as we had heard very much fascinating stories of places up in the forested northern parts. Since we also had become aware of the unsustainable skogsskövlings situation so väktes a thought of being able to combine the expedition to try to increase people’s awareness through documentary film.

Our Route and the execution

Our expedition in July 2014 to take us from western Madagascar, starting in the small village Ambobaka – through dense, moist rainforest – up in the highlands of Madagascar, through Madagascar’s highest mountain mount Morokoro, then southeast towards the east coast of Madagascar, for and then finally get to the end goal, the city Maroantsetra


We will do this on their own and carry our own luggage. Something that to our knowledge has never been done before. A British expedition conducted a short hike through rengskogen in 2012 with a large expedition team of guides , cooks, porters and other staff. We will implement this hardship on your own, we will carry all our own packing , cooking our own food and navigate themselves. Where possible , we will stop in villages and replenish our food supply – but essentially we carry with us that we will be eating from the start. In order to have enough energy , we need to go fishing and eat what we find along the way ; fruit , snails, ants.


We will carry out the expedition from the west coast to the east coast of northern Madagascar at the height of the island Nose By. Madagascar, which is slightly larger than Sweden is the world’s fourth largest island and is located off Mocanbiqe the east coast of Africa . Madagascar has a very own and special nature / fauna against the rest of Africa and holds either none of the larger mammals such as elephants , giraffes, lion , etc.

The Team


We will undertake the expedition’s three welded svenne bananas have a fondness for nature / wildlife and tough challenges. Three regular guys with open minds who want to change things and simultaneously challenge our own limits. We do not believe that people can change things possess something ”normal people” do not do, but we believe that anyone can change themselves / situations with the right attitude.