• Deforeststation in Madagascar

    During the late 1900s and continuing in the 2000s so has the world’s rainforests generally decreased in ever increasing rate. Madagascar is no exception, but rather one of the places where the situation gets worse with each passing year. Ignorance and poor economic development has spurred the development where slash and burn agriculture and illegal deforestation is becoming an increasing problem with major long-term effects on ecosystems and climate. Madagascar’s forests are home to an incredibly rich flora and fauna and to protect and preserve this ecosystem is important not only for the island’s inhabitants, but also for all the world’s inhabitants. This is nothing that we can not pretend, a sick ecosystem affects the whole earth, and ultimately of course also us up north.

  •  WWF’s work in Madagascar

    Madagascar is one of Africa’s poorest countries, where about 70% of the population lives below the poverty line face a range of developmental problems that affect both the population and the country’s environment. Poverty drives people to exploit forest land to create a source of income which unfortunately leads to impoverish and destroy forest areas with long-term serious consequences. WWF has a couple of different projects in Madagascar which aims to educate and assist people in forest areas to a sustainable an attitude to nature where they can also generate economic returns. Read more at www.wwf.se