• WWF´s projects in Madagascar

    During the expedition we will visit WWF projects in Fandriana, south of the capital. A big problem in Madagascar is that the poor people that is depending on their farming is lacking in knowledge in how efficient farming should be conducted. By the way they are using the soil today they are draining the soil in nutrition and thereby constantly needing more land to continue production. The method the us to get more land is through slash and burn agriculture. WWF educate the population to find alternative supply methods and cultivate a more modern, sustainable way.
    We will visit the project and upload videos and pictures here! We start with some pictures from Fandriana.
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  • Medical training

    The weekend has been spent out on Ängsholmen in the Stockholm Archipelago. During three days of medical training led by Lena Conlan on Crossing Latitudes. We was educated in the art of dealing with bleeding due to of injuries, fractures, hypothermia and other useful medical care.

    Very much needed since we pretty much are left out to our-self in the Madagascar wilderness, with long distance to the nearest hospital if something happens.

    We try to live by the 6 P’s:

    Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

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  • Highest peak in Morocco

    Alex and Nicklas on the summit of Jbel Toubkal 4167m (Marocco), getting some exercise before the Madagascar expedition :)



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  • A few hectic days on the wilderness fair has come to a end. We met a lot of interesting people and got many useful ideas and insights! Here is the whole crew lined up :)


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  • King Julien

    Anybody except me that love animated movies and especially King Julien in the movie Madagascar by DreamWorks Animations!

    Julien is a Lemur , which is a animal that is completely unique for Madagascar. There are about 10 different variations on of the Lemur on madagascar and they are sadly consistently reduced in numbers due of  diminishing living environments and hunting. So if you want to help King Julien to survive you should support The World Wide Fund for Nature´s work in Madagascar. Go check their homepage out to so we can enjoy King Julien and his gang in future movies :)




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